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Forgotten Memories

- A Story of Love and Forgiveness

By Michael McNulty

Book Cover - Forgotten MemoriesWade Berryhill is up a tree.  At 65 years of age, he is a peeping Tom, spying on his neighbor Ruth Williams from a child’s tree house as she swims in her pool at night.  He lost his job, his wife died of cancer, and he’s been drinking his sorrows away since then.  He longs for Ruth and dreams of better days. 

On the other side of town, Junior Bridges is a young black man who left town for college and a successful computer start-up company.  He is back in town and decides to run for mayor, something a black man has never done. 

Junior’s Aunt Althea was Wade’s best friend from childhood until Jim Crow stepped in.  Althea has not forgotten the memory of her childhood friendship.  When they meet again, their friendship resumes and Althea’s desire for Wade kindles anew. Now Wade has to choose between two women and two ways of life.  Old and new collide in Forgotten Memories.  This sleepy little town will never be the same.   

"...The characters who reside in this quintessential small
Southern town weave a compelling and profound story."

-Patricia Kahnle
(The author’s tenth grade World History teacher)